December 2, 2009


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I was smitten by Togni’s atmospheric force… and the virtuoso bass clarinettist Jeff Reilly extends his cadenzas across the history of sound, from monody to modernism in a performance that is dominant and hypnotic. There is something epiphanic about this music… resist it if you can.”  

Norman Lebrecht, La Scena Musical 

“An extremely attractive setting in his own, personally eclectic style in obedience to his unique ear for suggestive musical imagery, Togni’s Canticle, as is always the case with his music, was highly original and modern, yet accessible and sensual.”

The Halifax Chronicle Herald – 2007

“I heard the jazz piece (winter)time by the Peter Togni Trio and it really caught my attention; mostly as a totally different take on a tune that has been done to death. Their description of it as opening with a trudge through a slushy street in Toronto really hit upon me that they had made a truly Canadian piece out of a really southern American classic.”

Animation World Magazine

“Peter Togni’s Lamentation (Sanctuary Trio), is a haunting, pathos filled piece. The angelic tones of the earlier Gregorian pieces are displaced by this music’s sense of threatening doom, frustration, regret and melancholy. This piece is not bitter sweet; it is an offering of “thorns in honey”. It inexorably lures you into listening to something very upsetting, and disturbing; spiritual nevertheless, and strangely satisfying. It is a difficult piece, wonderfully presented by Christoph Both.”

Amazon Prime

“I just heard a beautiful choral work on CBC’s Two New Hours – It was a small musical gem – full of feeling and humility, but also melodic, harmonic with structural clarity .”

Composer Christos Hatzis

“Togni’s Ave Verum Corpus was ‘achingly beautiful.”

The Ottawa Citizen


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