January 7, 2013

Piano Alone

The Fall of 2012 saw Peter-Anthony in studio recording his new solo piano album Piano Alone.

This suite of tracks comes out two wonderful afternoons I spent at Toronto’s Number 9 recording Studio’s. I fell instantly in love with the studio’s beautiful 9′ Bechstein piano which I had never been introduced to before. Nothing on this album was planned, all the tracks were improvised except for three existing tunes and I played those in a way I had never thought about ┬ábefore. This beautiful lady Bechstein was almost telling me what to play and how to play. I will never forget this experience and I’m so glad to share it with you on this recording. – Peter-Anthony

Available as a disc mailed out to you:


And available digitally:



Here are some previews of three cuts from the album.

Intermezzo – first movement of a five movement suite

Allyson’s Song

Just Say’n It!

One thought on “Piano Alone

  • Wow, this is great! Amazing that it’s essentially improvised. I live in Michigan, and back before we could get what ever we wanted on the internet I drove to Windsor just to buy a copy of “Shimmeree” on CD. Glad you’re still playing.

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