October 24, 2013

Isis and Osiris

Isis and Osiris, Gods of Egypt

A New Canadian Opera

Peter-Anthony Togni, Composer ~ Sharon Singer, Librettist

ISIS AND OSIRIS, GODS OF EGYPT is based on THE major myth of ancient Egypt. The first great love story in the canon, Isis and Osiris is the larger-than-life tale of sibling jealousy, lust for power, fratricide and the quest for immortality. The artistic vision of this opera will make ancient Egypt and its mysteries vividly come to life through the dramatic expression of this passionate story of the ancient gods, in an inspired text and music.

Toronto poet Sharon Singer is the original creator of this work which is imbued with her love for the majesty of ancient Egypt.

Award-winning composer Peter-Anthony Togni is excited to have written the music for Isis and Osiris, Gods of Egypt. “It’s an incredible story. It’s a wonderful story in a world that has become so skeptical.”

“Isis and Osiris, Gods of Egypt” makes history!

“World premiere of Canadian opera a testament to expertise” – Robert Harris, The Globe and Mail

“A marvellous success” – Michael Johnson, Concertonet

“A delicious, musical feast…You all need to hear this work.” – Gregory Finney, Schmopera

“one of the most promising new Canadian operas I have seen in years.” – Christopher Hoile, Stage Door

Saturday, September 13, 2014 – Write up published in The Charlebois Post

First Person: Librettist Sharon Singer on Isis and Osiris – Gods of Egypt (Opera)


Listen to a Special Preview

Andrea Ludwig, Mezzo Soprano ~ Colin Ainsworth, Tenor ~ Peter-Anthony Togni, Piano

In July of 2020 VOICEBOX: Opera in Concert payed tribute to it’s fans and supporters by launching a series of Archival videos promoting the wealth and scope of its diverse and innovative programming of rare operas in Canada. Here is a look at the world premiere of Isis and Osiris on April 2, 2016.

For more information please visit the website Ariaworks Or stay up to date with the opera’s progress through Facebook Email info at ariaworks dot ca or call Sharon 416-461-0750

One thought on “Isis and Osiris

  • I listened to the music of ‘Isis and Isiris’ on Soundcloud for the second time, and like most serious, contemporary music/opera, a second listening yields familiar melodies which are very pleasing in this case. The singers were magnificent, the lyrics compelling. I imagine what the experience will be to actually see this music in performance with scenery, costumes etc.

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