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Two works by Peter-Anthony are now available from Cypress Choral Music in Vancouver.

The Final Word is Love & Da Pacem Domine (from the larger work Warrior Songs) can be ordered through the Cypress website.



The Final Word is Love

I’m deeply moved by the American journalist, social activist and Catholic convert, Dorothy Day. In 1933 she along with Peter Maurin founded the Catholic Worker Movement. To this day it provides aid for the poor and homeless and those living in the margins of society. In her writings she points to what she calls the “long loneliness and how the only solution is love and that love comes with community.” This composition is my direct and indeed simple sonic response to her life. As she said,”We cannot love God unless we love each other, and to love we must know each other.” 

Da Pacem Domine (from Warrior Songs)

“Da Pacem Domine is part of a work I wrote in 2014 called Warrior Songs, a work about the concept of non- aggression, of a true Warrior, one who never actually goes into battle. I drew inspiration from Tibetan Buddhist texts, from Malcolm X and from the from my own Roman Catholic tradition. My motet Da Pacem Domineis based on a one of the most beautiful Gregorian Chant melodies. Even though the text is peaceful and hopeful, it still calls for surrender to God’s will. The chant sounds rather serious, even somber, but again points to the fact that peace does not mean tranquility, it is often a steady walk in the face of adversity.”

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